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Theodoropoulos Group

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THEODOROPOULOS Company was established in 1970. The expertise, in shipbuilding and maritime sector, that has been accumulating over the past decades is comparatively our biggest advantage.

The group deals with a wide range of shipbuilding projects (construction/repair/modifications) of high specifications and requirements similar to those of the Greek Navy and the U.S.Navy.

It is the first ever Greek company that constructed ice class, double end ferries. It complies with the strict SOLAS and IMO regulations and as a pioneer it’s addressing the global market.

The shipping companies of the Group are ship-owners and operators of passenger vessels and are constantly renewing the fleet, in order to meet the international criteria and always be at the heart of modern requirements.


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The founder of the company P. Theodoropoulos, specifies: “we started years ago from the port of Piraeus and Perama, as a welding workshop and gradually extended to ship repairs. Our company is purely a family business and we intend to carry on similarly in the future. I warmly thank our partners and especially our personnel, without the help of which we wouldn’t have such results”.

The CEO of the company I.Theodoropoulos, being son of the founder and Deputy President in the industrial department of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is quite confident not only regarding the company’s abilities but also for the general picture of shipbuilding and shipping in Greece. “We are convinced that with our professionalism, our seriousness and our love for this job, we will be able to expand our vision and become a benchmark in the global market. We live in Greece and we do the impossible in order to stand out. That is how us Greeks are, that’s how we’ve learned through our life, that is what differentiates and what makes us succeed in all areas”.


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The company is one of the oldest in its section and in the shipbuilding base of Perama. It has major history in ship repairs of important Greek shipowners. All projects were completed timely and in excellent quality. Our goals, other than usual projects, are those of high standards and expectations.

In the early years of 1990 we began our partnership with the Greek Navy in the Naval of Salamis and that of Crete as well.

Through our many years of cooperation with the Navy we’ve been given projects of high expectations regarding quality and time, such as the modernization of submarines, the retrofitting of Frigates heliport, the foundation construction of anti-missle systems, the construction of missle foundations and many other tasks of repair and retrofitting.

In 2004, our company decided to construct, operate and trade double end ferries. Until today, it has constructed vessels that have been sold abroad or to the domestic market. It is the first ever Greek company that constructed ice class, double end ferries, capable to sail at sea with 70cm ice.


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The shipping companies of our group have been active in designing, operating and trading owned passenger ships since 2004.

Our fleet is constantly renewed in order to fulfill the international criteria and the modern requirements. To this day it has built and sold vessels to the domestic market as well as abroad. It is also the first company in Greece to own and trade ice class, double end ferries. It complies with the strict SOLAS and IMO regulations and as a pioneer it’s addressing to the global market.


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In the beginning of 1990, our company spread on hotel business and constructed Kymothoi Hotel.

Kymothoi rooms and pool bar at Gavrio in Andros Island, is built on a cliff side with a breathtaking view at the Aegean Sea, surrounded by lush nature, consists a unique shelter of peace and tranquility.

Fully renovated and decorated by Rozi Varangis, with colors quite harmonized with the nature around. Is the ideal environment to relax and rest.

Combining the magnificent view, the lush nature, the sophisticated elegance of the areas and the warm hospitality, Kymothoi rooms and pool bar will offer you an unforgettable experience.


  • Address: Leoforos Dimokratias 77
  • Perama, Greece, 18863
  • Telephone: +30.210.4413226
  • Fax: +30.210.4413066

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